A 90 day coaching course that teaches fitness professionals how to build and scale their coaching businesses. 

If you're looking to a create a 6-figure biz, keep reading. 


Does this sound familiar? 

  • Burnt out and tired of the daily grind and hustle of the fitness industry?
  • Want to build your online business but don't know where to even start?
  • You under sell yourself and don't know how to ask for what you deserve?
  • Your social media doesn't seem to be growing or getting the same engagement as your peers? 
  • You want to create and influence through your social media but don't have the confidence to put yourself out there? 

I was just like you.

I've been exactly where you are. However I’ve made the jump and so can YOU!

I spent 17 years in the fitness industry working every kind of job there was. I remember the cold mornings going to open the gym at 4:30am. There were many times, I would work 7 days a week and put in 14 hour days where my time was spent like a ping pong ball going from client to client and gym to gym.

Sound familiar

I worked as a personal trainer, group instructor  management, ownership, group coaching, sales, events the list goes on. 

I did it all. I even helped to open gyms in a foreign country. 

In 2018 I decided to make a pivot. I no longer wanted to open a gym and work in a brick and mortar. There was something greater calling me.

I then sought out and hired incredible coaches to help me gain the clarity and the experience to help me transition to working virtually so that I could make a bigger impact.

In two years time I’ve invested over $50K in my own leveling up so that I can now show up for YOU at the highest level. I went from burnt out to thriving and now I want to help YOU do the same. 

Imagine if…

  • You had a step by step blue print on how to grow your business and monetize your message
  • You could earn $10k+ months just by doing what you love
  • You were able to attract high paying ideal clients who are ready to invest.
  • No longer feel owned by your clients schedule, bosses demands, or major company expectations
  • You gained massive confidence around selling and marketing yourself 
  • You were able to build your very own profitable coaching business and have the freedom to work from anywhere in just 90 days? 

Get your blueprint to financial freedom HERE!  


Working with me includes

  • Coach and community support
  • Unlimited access to like minded world class coaches 
  • Daily and weekly accountability
  • Personalized homework, assignments, & check-ins
  • Networking, collaborating, and masterminding 
  • Live coaching & “hot seat” opportunities 
  • Guest coaching lead by industry experts

This course is perfect for you if...

  • You struggle to use your social media to build your business 
  • You consistently undercharge and struggle to ask for prices that you deserve
  • You're tired of helping to build someone else’s dream
  • You know what you want to do but you need a roadmap (guidance) to get there
  • You want to make a bigger impact, reach more people, and expand your reach 
  • You desire to work from anywhere in the world without feeling guilty or tied down
  • You are FULLY committed to getting outside of your comfort zone and are ready to put in the work to achieve your dreams 

I’d like to invite you into this next


It’s more than a course, program, or class. It’s a family of support and BLUEPRINT to freedom! Still have questions? 

Send me a DM on the gram with the word "IMPACT" and let’s chat!

Here are a few things that you will learn.

The Inner Game

To be an outstanding professional means YOU have to keep growing. Personal growth is an inside job and a never ending journey. If you are going to grow as a true leader, you must continue to learn how to master your routines, habits and mindset to become the highest vision of yourself. In this section you’ll learn how to improve and coach the money mindset, define what it is effective leadership, be given productivity, time and energy management tools and create your mission, values and vision. The next level awaits.

Niche Clarity

Having a crystal clear vision on who you wish to help and how you will serve them is the foundation for running any high level service based business. In this section you will gain the clarity that is needed to discover your niche, identify your ideal client and create your super power statement that will help you create an easily recognizable brand.

Social to Business Media

Become a social media ninja! Learn all of the latest  tools and hacks that will help you grow an organic audience. Social media changes quickly therefore it is so important to learn what matters most so that we don't get caught up in vanity metrics such as likes, followers or pretty grids. We instead learn to focus on true engagement so that you are actually able to monetize your message to an audience that sees you as relatable and authentic. In this section you’ll learn how to create content that crushes, schedule and organize your content, gain confidence when creating videos and using other tools. Its not social media, its business media! 

Sales and Marketing with Confidence

If we cannot sell or market ourselves, we will struggle heavily to grow our business. It is so important to focus on building the skills necessary to grow. 

However the mindset surrounding sales and marketing is where we start. Building the confidence to help a potential customer through the decision process is crucial to helping you make a greater impact in their life. Before they can transform they must decide that they are worth it. Thats where these skills come into play. You’ll learn how to coach them through that process, help them over come limiting beliefs, feel great and have no remorse about making a large investment in themselves. 

You’ll also learn how to stand out in a crowded market just by being your true self. Its time to step into your power and make that impact. 

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Robert Gorvetiian (Online coach, Gym owner)

"Working with James has been pretty life changing.  I have slowly come out of my shell and out of my comfort zone and I am engaging my audience more than ever."

Hiring James was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  The main reason, he has been in your shoes.  The same walk you are going through now, he has been there, so his first hand experience is what makes him so greatly unique."

Alexander Pena (Online Coach, Personal Trainer Equinox) 

Working with James was an incredible experience and exactly what I needed to get my online coaching business off the ground! He was always available if I had any questions, and more importantly so was the community he's created that includes coaches working with him. 

During the program I was able to accrue a steady amount of new online clients. I developed time prioritization skills, relaxation techniques, marketing strategies, and most importantly how to not lose the passion of what we do in the fitness industry and burnout. If you're looking for a community feel, an empathetic and authentic experience with a no bullshit approach, and a man who's going to bring the energy 24/7 and fight for you, Coach James is your guy. What he delivered is priceless and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to grow their online business.  

Duncan McNair (Online Coach, CF Coach CrossFit Central) 

“I started working with James just before quarantine. It was perfect timing. Even though life was changing so much for so many people, he helped me build an online business and showed me how to sell, market, and operate through it all.

Since working with James I have tripled the number of clients I have and more than doubled my monthly income. Because I have my own online business I can coach classes for fun as a side job. I don’t have to work constantly to barely be able to pay the rent.”


I’m James 

I created Inspire 2 IMPACT for you. 

Why? Because I was you. 

I love the fitness industry however there were a plenty of times I thought about walking away. Through the years I grew from a cocky young trainer into a confident professional. Like all growth, there are plenty of moments of adversity. 

We all face our own obstacles, fears and self doubt. It was in those moments where I wanted to quit, hang it up and move on that I learned most about myself. 

By not quitting I was able to gain more experience, meet and work with more incredible people and build a successful career that has taken me around the world. 

When we overcome obstacles we build that muscle and we are able to climb over even greater mountains. 

I grew up in Brooklyn NY and became a father to an amazing girl at the young age of 21. She gave me the inspiration to fight for what I want to pursue my goals and vision. 

Who inspires you? 

What is the fuel that ignites your soul?

What stands between you quitting or building a legacy? 

I spent the last 4 years studying, learning and using the online space to be able to better serve my clients. 

I was able to combine my experience, knowledge and passion and serve at a higher level. 

Now I want to help you do the same.