Hi my name is James.

I’ve spent more than a decade helping people all over the globe succeed on their health and fitness journeys. Along the way every person I met on my journey taught me something unique while each experience allowed me to grow as a coach and as an individual.
However after years of being “the professional” I did two things that would soon begin to bite me in the you know what.

I developed crappy routines and I stopped learning.

The crappy routines such cell phone first and last thing in my day, led to more bad habits and because I stopped learning, I basically stopped growing.

Soon I began to feel like I was fraud. I started to suffer from anxiety, self doubt and my body was breaking down from getting older and years of intense training.

My business began to suffer, my relationships were in a poor place and my health and confidence was at an all time low.

My breaking point was also my lowest point. I was broke, overweight, stressed to the max and I was unclear of what to do next.

That was my wake up call.

I knew if I was going to bounce back and become the man I wanted to be, I would have to start back at the beginning. I would have to become a student once more. I began to seek the help of coaches and experts in the personal development space.

I began to learn again. Everything changed!

As I became more self aware, dialed in my routines and began to believe in myself, it was apparent where I needed to shift my focus as a coach and as an individual.

Life strategy and personal development.

Fitness and health will always have a place in my practice and my life, however I realized there was much more work that can be done. There was more to the puzzle to helping others achieve massive success.

I believe everyone has the power to create life by their own design. We all have the ability to envision the life we want and script it by own pens.

I was able to prove it to myself by incorporating the proper framework for success into my life.

I am living proof that it is possible to live a life not totally free of anxiety and self doubt but rather how to manage it and how to succeed despite it.

It is possible to have truly meaningful relationships, live healthy, be fit and have immense success in our business and careers.

Let's be clear, we will never be perfect, we’re human. However we can adapt, still succeed, live incredibly with our imperfections and ultimately have a positive lasting impact on those around us.

I believe in my heart that is the secret sauce that allows us to crush our lives and create our legacy’s.

“The path will reveal itself along the way” -Ed Mylett