Crush Your Life Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of Crush Your Life.

Today is a special one as we have our very first guest on the show.

Tina Hurley

When I sat down and put a list together for people I wanted on the show, Tina’s name just kept getting higher up the ladder.

Tina and I met a year ago at WZA.

She was competing in the adaptive athlete division. We had a blast as she was a ball of good vibes throughout the weekend.

That division was incredible and the humans competing in it inspired me to get past my own doubts and self made limitations.

When you see what the human Sprint is truly capable of it will make you second guess your own efforts and make you realize you are capable of far more than you even know.

Tina and I kept in touch through social media and her story really touched my heart.

Tina by profession is a physician assistant

She is former gymnast and division 1 collegiate cheerleading athlete

cheerleading coach

choreographer, personal trainer

Competitive Adaptive CrossFit Athlete

2018 was invited to Switzerland to tour Europe with the US paralympic bobsled team. 

Tina after years of lower leg issues was diagnosed with Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome. In 2016 after multiple invasive surgeries came to the very hard decision amputate her left leg.

Tina did not let this define her. In fact the many things I have listed have come after her amputation.

“I have never loved myself this much and have never found myself surrounded by such amazing people as door after door swings open to greet me with unforseen opportunity. Our futures are all uncertain but, by keeping a positive outlook, finding silver linings, maintaining a can-do attitude and becoming adept at adapting, we can create a life without limitations. In honoring the following, we can live our best lives: love yourself, love each other, dream big and never give up!”

That statement is one of the main reasons why Tina is on the show. Despite her circumstances she continues to work on her self everyday.

In this episode we talk about

  • Making hard choices at an early age

  • Advice to young athletes and parents of athletes

  • How and when she came to the decision to amputate her leg

  • The lessons she has learned from being a competitive athlete

  • Self-care and how it is the most single important thing to your life

  • The Daily routines that help her through difficult times

  • How to be a treat and respect the adaptive athlete

I know you”ll enjoy this episode.

Go and Crush Your Life.


Want to contact Tina Hurley and get involved with her organization Less Leg more heart?


Instagram tinah214

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